The Oracle: Amonkhet Draft #6

We're back to Amonkhet this week. Has the break rekindled The Oracles taste for this impressive limited format? You'll have to watch and find out!

The Oracle: Amonkhet Draft #5

Fresh off the Pro Tour, The Oracle takes what he's learned through numerous drafts of this complex format as well the knowledge pool of the vast array of Pro Tour teams. Follow along with, The Oracle. htt...

The Oracle: Amonkhet Draft #4

In his 4th draft for The Mana Base, The Oracle continues his progression through this intricate limited format. So follow along!

The Oracle: Amonkhet Draft #2

The Oracle dives into a 2nd Amonkhet draft. How will he fare this time around? You'll have to watch to find out!

The Oracle: Amonkhet Draft #1

We are pleased to announce here at The Mana Base that we have another new addition to our team. Please welcome The Oracle to our team. He is a Limited Player who has been playing this game for over 12 years and...