The last section of the GP Vegas Magic Art Show focused on Innistrad. This section was pretty cool, as there were a lot of darker paintings, the themes are a bit more sinister as well. There seemed to be a good mix of original Innistrad artwork as well as Shadows Over Innistrad/Eldritch Moon. We also get to see a variety of paintings and drawings, as well as a sketchbook. Check it out below!


Howling Chorus, Matt Stewart

Shrill Howler, Matt Stewart

These top two paintings are part of the same (flip) card. It’s interesting how different the sizes of the paintings are, and how that doesn’t really translate at all on the cards themselves.

Mark of the Vampire, Winona Nelson


Gavony Unhallowed, Christopher Moeller


Furtive Homunculus, Wayne Reynolds


Traveler’s Amulet, Alan Pollack


Just The Wind, Christopher Moeller


Faithbearer Paladin, Aaron Miller

“As the plane of Innistrad was descending into Eldrazi infected madness, a few shining examples stood as stark examples that some things were still well in Eldritch Moon. Even the holiest of paladins should note that they could not hold back forever, as evidenced by the character’s tentacle knee.

Showcasing an Asian paladin is less noticeable here, though even five years ago without Khans of Tarkir, common creatures weren’t as diverse on a per set basis.”


Ambush Viper, Alan Pollack

Spirit Token, Jason A. Engle

Bygone Bishop, Jason A. Engle

I think this is my favorite drawing of the show, there’s so much fine detail in the image, and I really like the movement of the bishop, and the details put into his robes. I have previously talked about some of the art of Jason A. Engle that I really like, but the sketches he creates produce far more intricate details it seems than the paintings he creates sometimes.


Soulcage Fiend, Jason A. Engle


Mikaeus, The Lunarch, Steve Belledin

“Belledin tested out a concept with over double the amount of candles and the lesser amount was chosen by the Wizards art directors.

Looking at the follow up Mikaeus, the Unhallowed card art, we can see what becomes the more important visual information, like the hat, flowing robe over the elbow and flesh on his face.”


Howlpack Alpha, Ryan Pancoast

Lingering Souls, Bud Cook

Lingering Souls, Bud Cook

I liked that they were able to include both portions of the Lingering Souls drawing, and thought it was interesting that it was created as two separate sketches.


Delver of Secrets (book sketches), Nils Hamm

This is how the book was credited, but I’m not sure it’s correct. There were a few people brave enough to flip through the book during the kickstarter pre-show (I was not one of them), and the drawings are different than the titled work.


Innistrad Concept Sketches


Innistrad Concept Sketches


Innistrad Concept Sketches


Innistrad Concept Sketches


Innistrad Concept Sketches

I really appreciate how clean the concept sketches are. It looks like everything was drawn perfectly.

Innistrad Concept Sketches


Innistrad Concept Sketches

And that’s it for the art show! What did you guys think? There was a lot of effort put into this exhibition by the Art Show team, and I think it really paid off. It sounds like tons of people attended, and I’ve heard there are plans to host them up to four times a year at various GPs.

Next article we’ll be getting back into altering, I picked up some cool cards at the GP to paint for you guys, so stay tuned. I’ll leave it a surprise for next time.


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