I’m back today with part 3 of the GP Vegas art show, and we’re going to take a look at the biggest part of the exhibit today with the art of Ravnica. I think this was my favorite part of the exhibit, because it had so many more easily recognizable pieces for me, and there was a large variety of artists. Ravnica is also arguably the plane with the most beautiful landscapes. Take a look below at the art from the show, and let me know what your favorite piece from this article is!..

Patagia Viper, Christopher Moeller

Azorius First-Wing, Alex Horley


Syndic of Tithes, Steve Prescott


Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

I appreciated how the colours of the mats matched the colors of the painting perfectly. This is one of my favorite commander cards, so it was cool to see this painting in person.

Boros Reckoner, Howard Lyon

Another example of how the hanging apparatus distracts from the artwork, as it’s actually interfering with this picture. I really like Boros Reckoner, and this sketch looks great. I really like the contrast between the white and the color of the paper.

Rakdos Augermage, Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

I can honestly say I’ve never looked at the art on this card before, but it’s a pretty terrifying image.

Izzet Signet, Raoul Vitale

Orzhov Signet, Tim Hildebrandt

Simic Signet, Greg Hildebrandt

This is surprisingly nice to see in real life, I think I’ve expressed my dislike for the ‘soap bar signet’ before, but this has currently changed my mind.

Boros Signet, Tim Hildebrandt

Rakdos Signet, Martina Pilcerova

Dimir Signet, Raoul Vitale


The wall of signets, I wish there was a bit more cohesion in the display of the images. I think the series would have been a lot more interesting if they didn’t appear haphazardly hung. It was still cool to see them all in one place though.


Kingpin’s Pet, Mark Zug


Voidslime, Jim Murray


Chord of Calling, Heather Hudson

I really like the complimentary colors in the mats chosen. It’s a bit of an eccentric choice, but it matches the colors in the painting. I like the choice to frame the painting with regular and foil versions of the card as well, you can tell that the person who owns the artwork really cares about it.

Carven Caryatid, Jim Nelson

Farseek, Martina Pilcerova

Dryad Militant, Terese Nielsen

I think this was my favorite painting of the show. The picture is surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be, so there’s a lot of detail packed into that small picture. The simpler choices of framing really lets the painting stand out on its’ own.

Dizzy Spell, Christopher Moeller


Mindmoil, Alex Horley

Mindmoil Sketch, Alex Horley

Ignorant Bliss, Jeff Miracola


Infernal Tutor, Kev Walker


Guttersnipe, Steve Prescott


Sell-Sword Brute, Jeff Miracola

Dryad Militant, Ryan Pancoast

Totally Lost, David Palumbo


Ghor-Clan Rampager, Charles Urbach


Conclave Equenaut, Terese Nielsen


Hunted Dragon, Mark Zug


Dragon Token, Mark Zug

“There is no written rule that artists who create a token-producing card art commission must also receive the token that accompanies it. Luckily, we are given Zug’s dragon flying over a Baroque period town, fitting the original Ravnica aesthetic as being Eastern European, more akin to Prague or Bratislava than France or Germany.

The different coloured head, to fleshy wing, to the fire within his mouth shows a wider palette than the red border would have you assume. From there, the horizon gradient draws one’s eyes upward, as a dragon’s focus would urge your terror to look up.”


Utvara Hellkite, Mark Zug

Utvara Hellkite Sketch, Mark Zug

And onto the sketches…I told you guys today’s post is huge!

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, Tyler Jacobson


Coiling Oracle, Mark Zug

Anyone else find it hilarious he titled the work Manaconda?

Syndicate Enforcer, Steve Belledin


Search Warrant, Steve Belledin


Cytoplast Root-Kin, Thomas Baxa


Stalking Vengeance, Anthony Scott Waters


Cytospawn Shambler, Anthony Scott Waters


Clutch of the Undercity, Pete Venters


Aetherling, Tyler Jacobson


Last Gasp, Thomas Baxa


Crypt Champion, Pete Venters


Gigadrowse, Alex Horley


Selesnya Guildmage, Mark Zug


Savra, Queen of the Golgari, Scott M Fischer


Goblin Flectomancer, Matt Cavotta


Close-up of Goblin Flectomancer


Frenzied Goblin, Carl Critchlow


Orzhov Advokist, Jason A. Engle


Punishment, Randy Gallegos


Grave Shell Scarab, Pete Venters

And to finish off the pictures for this article, we have the Ravnica concept sketches!

Rakdos Concept Sketch


Rakdos Concept Sketch 2


Rakdos Concept Sketch 3


Rakdos Cleric Concept Sketch


Selesnya Human Concept Sketches


Color Concept Sketch


Color Concept Sketch 2


Color Concept Sketch 3


Color Concept Sketch 4

Rakdos Ogre Concept Sketch


Izzet Concept Sketch


Izzet Concept Sketch 2


Izzet Concept Sketches

Izzet Faeries Concept Sketch


Simic Concept Sketches


Azorius Concept Sketches


Azorius Concept Sketch


Simic Concept Sketch

This one is really funny, I’m glad they included it in the show.

That’s it for this article! I have one more to go with the art from Innistrad, which should be up in a few days. Which picture from Ravnica did you guys like the best? If you were able to attend a GP art show, what would you like to see? As always, thanks for reading and supporting my articles!



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