For most of the players I know, Grand Prix Las Vegas is the biggest Magic event they will ever travel to. This year has great expectations, as their website boasts five days straight of tournaments, consisting of Limited, Legacy and Modern events. This year’s event will also host an impressive amount of Magic artist vendors (over 30), and for the first time ever, a Magic: the Gathering art show.

The exhibition was recently fully funded through Kickstarter, and it looks like some big names are involved in this project, including Mike Linnemann, a curator, former flavour text writer, and article writer for, and Rico Evangelho, the creator of Cardamajigs tokens. The most enticing part of the kickstarter, and the one I chose, is the $250 backing reward to have dinner with Ten Magic artists. Currently the announced artists include Noah Bradley, Zack Stella, Victor Adame Minguez, and Jason A. Engle. Aside from dinner, Kickstarter backers also get a preview of the exhibition, which looks like will focus mainly on Mirrodin, Return to Ravnica, Innistrad, and Amonkhet art.

I’m excited to announce that I will be writing a feature article on this exhibition, and documenting as much of the event as I can for The Mana Base. I’ll give you guys more information as we get closer to the Grand Prix.

In addition to attending the exhibition, I’m also thrilled about some of the artists that will be at the Grand Prix. I’ve already made a list of the art I’m going to try to track down, here are some of the artists that will be there:


Slave of Bolas, Steve Argyle

I’m pretty sure this will be the longest artist line for the event. I’ve heard some people wait in his lines all day to get their Liliana of the Veil’s signed. (Editor’s Note: Mana Base Writer Aaron Paquette once stood in line for over 4 hours to see Steve)


Demonic Tutor, Douglas Schuler


Solemn Simulacrum, Dan Scott

These are a couple of commander staples, but also iconic pieces of Magic art. I’m definitely looking to pick up these two at the event if they’re available.


Mox Sapphire, Dan Frazier

Let’s be real, the only way I’ll ever afford a set of Moxen is if I buy the art prints.


Baneslayer Angel, Greg Staples


Hallowed Fountain, Rob Alexander

These two are a couple of very popular Magic artists, and it will be the first time I’ll have the opportunity to buy their work in person. I’ve mentioned how much I like Hallowed Fountain in past articles, this is definitely high on my priority list. Other artists slated for the event include Pete Venters, Anson Maddocks, Eric Deschamps, Howard Lyon, and Drew Tucker.

Onto the alters this week, I have a couple throwback images for you guys. I thought these ones would be good to look at since they feature a couple of the artists that will be at GP Vegas next month.


First up is a High Tide art extension. Surprisingly the colours in this one were really difficult to work with, but I think I did a great job blending in the blues and purples. You can’t really see where the paint starts or stops.


This Lord of Tresserhorn is a bit of an older one. Whites can be difficult to work with sometimes, so I tried to incorporate a lot more blue into the background, and then layered the white on top. I think it photographs well.


This last one is a Flooded Strand that needed some love. It was in pretty rough shape when I received it as a commission, and I think the extension improved it a lot. I like using the “floating border” often with older bordered cards, I think it looks great on lands.

Anyways, that’s all for this time. As always, if there’s something you’d like to see featured in the next article, leave me a comment or send me a message!

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