About Us

Welcome to The Mana Base, the world’s first and only facility devoted to the research and betterment of the world’s mana usage and efficiency where it pertains to Magic: the Gathering. Our base’s location remains a mystery, as we strive to remain neutral to the world’s Magic players. Please show yourself around, and explore any of our facility’s research as you please. You can access our findings by scrolling along the top toolbar. If you’re looking for just our newly published work, the main lobby is currently showcasing all of the freshest content our researchers have published. Have fun exploring, but I warn, some of the base’s experimenters don’t care for guests, sticking to yourself, and keeping your head down is strongly advised.

If once you’re done advancing your Mana knowledge and wish to procure the tools to replicate some of our experiences, please head over to our mother research facility, FusionGamingOnline.com. They’ll have all you need to progress your own findings, and maybe even surpass our own research in the process.

Welcome to The Mana Base