With Merfolk master Nikachu heading to the Pro Tour this weekend, he decided to leave the fish at home and test some Standard. With there being no real competitive Merfolk in Standard, he took the next best thing, Spirits! Watch his testing first hand before he ships off to Japan!


UW Spirits: by Nikachu


Round 1 vs RG Ramp

Round 2 vs BG Constrictor 

Round 3 vs UW Flash

Round 4 vs Mono Red Aggro

Round 5 vs Temur Emerge

About The Author

I'm Jonathon "Nikachu" Zaczek: merfolk master, praiser of Thassa, islands for ever, etc, you get it. You can't get more devoted to blue than with merfolk. Whether or not you play the little blue men, hopefully you can still take something away from my videos or just have fun watching people lose to fish. There might be plenty of fish in the sea, but watch out for mine ;)

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