Pauper Ponderings: Orzhov Zombies

With the rest of the Mana Base team working on various Amonkhet research, this week Austen decided he’d also take his shot at trying out this new Egyptian themed set. Watch him battle with regular old school zombies and the Mummies of Amonkhet!



Orzhov Zombies by /u/senress



8 comments on “Pauper Ponderings: Orzhov Zombies

  1. Dwayne on

    you think the deck would benefit from being more midrange style of deck with Shepard of rot and Gemplam being the main win conditions?

  2. alex on

    Did a quick little search on Zombies. There are a lots of interesting options in the esper block for zombies. maybe a control style deck? I’m going to try a standard pauper u/w zombie prison deck since there seems to be some synergy there. Stiched Mangler and Blinding Mummy with Displace to keep things locked down might be possible, then go for the alpha strike with ION when they are tapped out.

  3. a on

    To be fair, it probably would do a good job against stompy and that does make up a good portion of the pauper metagame at the moment.

  4. alex on

    A couple rough matches to start with. Zombies have always been a weaker tribe and I’m not really certain that Amonkhet helped them. Making them a 2 color deck is a surefire way to decrease their consistency. That being said, I think it’s a potential deck, but, I’d probably approach it as more of a black with white splash deck. Cutting the tap lands and using Ash Barrens to allow you to play the 1b spells on curve to remain aggressive. It could probably be brought up to a tier 2 level of a deck with a little work. as always props to you for playing the rogue decks vs the established pauper juggernauts.

    • Austen Hoey on

      Haha appreciate the support. It was rough today, lol, but I appreciate your feedback. The deck feels like there is something there, but like you said, just a little underpowered.


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