Nikachu is back for his first series of 2017 as he runs ol’ faithful through a competitive Modern league. If you are looking to get into Merfolk, look no further, Nikachu is one of the best!

Round 1 vs Suicide Blue

Round 2 vs Eldrazi and Taxes

Round 3 vs UW Control

Round 4 vs BG Tron

Round 5 vs Eldrazi Tron

Modern Merfolk by Nikachu


About The Author

Jonathon “Nikachu” Zaczek is the Merfolk master. Deeply devoted to one deck, Jonathon teaches the intricacies of Merfolk as the metagame changes over time. Over the years Jonathon has proven Merfolk’s competitive edge by consistently placing well in Grand Prixs and MTGO competitive leagues.

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