Aaron and Drew are back this week taking a look at the new 2 Headed Giant focused – Battlebond!


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  1. Rio

    I’m p sure you guys are underestimating Will, hes not as good as JTMS because go figure, but he blanks any 2 creatures, which is better protection than any other U walker has(he also puts them in bolt range which isnt totally irrelevant), and divination wrath of gos still have mana to cast mystic confluence etc… is pretty impressive, also worth noting is that with UUU4 and a land drop he lets you cast upheaval and then recast him, which is p sexy, hes not amazing, but im fairly certain he should make it in most cubes, especially over tamiyo, who has aged terribly. Also, and this will never ever be relevant, he has etb shuffle your library, which is adorable

    • Aaron Paquette

      Yeah we should have given him a better shot. Here’s my reply from reddit – ‘We were probably harsher on him then we should have been. Drew and I limit ourselves to 2 Planeswalkers per colour, so we initially brushed it off as not being better then Mind Sculptor, Beleren or maybe Tamiyo. It’s definitely strong enough to play over Tamiyo and just fills a different role then the slew of Jaces.’.

      Admittedly Drew and I are pretty harsh on Planeswalkers because we play with this restriction, which isn’t fair to fairly evaluate new cards. We’ll try not to jump the gun so much in the future.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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