Hey Guys,

My names Devin, I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, if you don’t know where that is, I don’t blame you. Residencies aside, I love modern, I tend to think it is the best format in magic, well it’s my favourite anyway. A place where spikes can be spikes, Timmy’s can be Timmy’s, and Johnny’s can be Johnny’s.

I’m a spike at heart, but in this series I am going to open you up to my brewmaster side. Because other than being a great format for your typical player, it also creates avenues for many a brewer. So, in Delving with Devin we are going to be exploring the oft-used cards of the format. So buckle up and enjoy this wild ride with me!

This week, we’re playing an old standard classic, mono black devotion, with a few updates of course, but still featuring everyone’s favourite draft bomb, Pack Rat!

Deck Tech

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Thanks for Watching everyone, if you have any suggestions for future decks let me know in the comments, I’ll be back next time, until then, Happy Brewing!

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