Welcome to final part of “To ban or not to Ban”. If you missed any of the other parts check them out here:
We’ve already covered all of the cards that I feel are fine to come off the banned list, however there are a few cards that could probably be added to the list to help make modern a better place to play. I will start off by saying that I do feel that modern is the best it’s been in quite some time. Lots of decks are viable, and the most powerful decks at the moment are not dominating the field by any stretch of the imagination. Lets get right to it!
First of all, fast mana is just inherently broken. We’ve already seen how a lot of rituals and Mox type effects are already on the banned list, and I feel like more of the fast mana cards should be added to the list of banned cards.
They just allow for broken things to happen at a much quicker pace, and allow for potential turn 2 or turn 3 kills.

Simian Spirit Guide Simian spirit guide allows for turn one or turn two Chalices and Blood Moons, effectively taking away any ability to play the game if you’re on the draw. Did you think your Spell Pierce or Thoughtseize was good? Think again. With no Force of Will in the format, the potential for this shouldn’t be available. There has also been times that the Spirit Guide has just allowed players to ramp out spells faster in seemingly *fair* decks such as the last modern pro tour where the Eldrazi decks were just using Spirit Guide to further increase the chance of a turn 2 Thought-Knot Seer or a turn 2 Reality Smasher. Eldrazi won the pro tour needless to say. Verdict? Ban it!

Eldrazi Temple What is this card still doing in the format? Sol Ring is arguable the strongest magic card ever printed, and this card is just a Sol Ring in land drop form for one particular archetype. How is this legal? Can you imagine if there was a Sol land for Merfolk? A Sol land for Burn? A Sol land for Storm? Why does Eldrazi have a Sol land? Turn 2 Thought-Knot Seers are a very real possibility, and there isn’t even any work required like with the Tron lands needing to draw or tutor for multiple pieces. It’s just play the land, tap to add 2 mana, laugh. Verdict? Ban it!

Mox Opal How is this card still legal? Affinity just placed 3 copies into the top 8 of GP Las Vegas (that’s right, three copies) More and more Artifacts get printed every set, making the restriction of needing 3 Artifacts in play even more of a non-factor. The legendary rule change a few years ago also made multiple copies of Mox Opal simply turn into Lotus Petals. Having access to 2 or 3 mana on turn one in Modern simply shouldn’t be happening. Affinity is just the icing on the cake for how this card is being abused, decks like Lantern Control and the Cheerios Decks are just scratching the surface for what this card is capable of, and it’s really a landmine just waiting to continue to make busted decks and busted, unbeatable draws. To keep affinity still playable, un-ban the Artifact lands, and take this piece of basically power 9 garbage away from them asap! Verdict? Ban it!

Alright the fast mana is out of the way. What’s left?

Collected Company This card dominated standard with a minuscule card pool, in modern the number of 1-3 mana creatures is significantly larger, and is growing with every set. Already recently an infinite 2 card combo that is effectively tutor-able for was printed in Modern. This makes Collected Company act very similarly to Splinter Twin, where the opponent can not tap out vs a player with 4 mana up playing Collected Company, as they can effectively die at instant speed. As more time goes on, and more broken cheap creatures get printed, this card will only get more and more powerful. It’s just too much value for 1 card at instant speed. Verdict? Ban it!

Ensnaring Bridge Wow this card is a relic of the past, originally printed in stronghold almost 20 years ago. How did this thing find its way into Modern? If Wizards wants Modern magic to be fought in the red zone, then having this toll bridge clogging up the battlefield is a price no spell-slinger should have to pay. This card takes away players abilities to close games out, and forces you to run very narrow cards to remove it from the field, that some colours just don’t have access too. This card does not lead to fun or interactive games. Verdict? Ban it!

Cathartic Reunion This card in connection with the Dredge mechanic is just broken. Un-ban the Grave-troll and ban this card in its place. Dredge was fine before this card was printed when the Troll was legal. Verdict? Ban it!


I feel like simply removing these 6 cards from the format would lead to a slower paced, more interactive format, that would be more enjoyable! To summarise all four articles of this series, if I was in charge of the modern banned list; the banned list would look something like this:

What do you guys think of the banned list? What would your banned list look like if you made all the shots! And why? This brings us to my next topic! No Banned list Modern! Fusion gaming is hosting a no banned list modern tournament on July 25th 2017. My next article will be a primer of his unique and unexplored format. If you’re in the Winnipeg area make sure to make it out to this event and to check out my article in two weeks on the topic!

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  1. Anonymous

    SO you want something as stupid as Eldrazi Temple banned, but not Chalice of the Void? Obvious UrzaTron player here.

  2. Anonymous

    I find Collected Company a fine card. What is broken is the two card combo it helps. Ban the combo.


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