Here is the winner of the Fusion Gaming 5K Tournament held last weekend! Temur energy took it down – congratulations to Jordan Anseeuw!

Also – check out their replay of the tournament on Twitch!

Here is a break down of the other decks in the tournament.

Jordan Anseeuw 1st Place
4 Colour Energy

Denis Grinko 2nd Place
U/W Approach

Cory Carson 3rd-4th Place
R/B Aggro

Devin Wiess 3rd-4th Place

Temur Energy

Kevin McKinley 5th-8th Place

Mardu Vehicles

Nathan Stewart 5th-8th
Temur Energy

John Jason 5th-8th Place
Esper Tokens

Adam Schulz 5th-8th
Sultai Energy


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