Here at The Mana Base we work really hard to produce for you, quality magic content every day. And for us to do that, we need somebody paying the bills, and Fusion Gaming does that for us.

We are greatly thankful for them and we wanted to use this post as a way to thank them and to show you, the viewer what they do for us.

They pay our writers bills so we can continue to provide you guys with quality content every day. They pay any fees associated with the website or any of our live broadcasts. They make sure our content manager is happy and healthy so he can continue to watch over our little research facility.

So once again we want to thank them for keeping the lights on in our humble abode, and staying in the background so we are free to write about what we want to write about. Make videos about what we want to make videos about, and have opinions that are freely our own and that do not in any way tie into what Fusion Gaming is doing.

So thank you again to you, our viewer and to

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