14923172_10154535994280535_1702746456_o 1st Place: Cris Currie

Deck Name: RW Combos

Record: 4-0-1

Anything you would change? Cut 2 plains and 2 mountains for 4 Arid Mesa‘s

10631649_10154535993940535_971094472_o 2nd Place: Derek Ketcheson

Deck: Infect

Record: 3-2

Anything you would change? Less dredge hate in the sideboard.

14895592_10154535993595535_780232759_o 3rd Place: Jon Gervais

Deck: Grixis Control

Record: 4-1

Anything you would change? Replace molten rain for fulminator mage.

14858561_10154535993690535_1714799420_o 4th Place: Eric Anseeuw

Deck: RG Tron

Record: 4-1

Anything you would change? Take out fogs and pithing needles, play sudden shocks and spellskites.

14923053_10154535994015535_1368111084_o 5th Place: Jon Zaczek

Deck: Merfolk

Record: 4-0-1

Anything you would change? Probably play Tectonic Edges. There was less dredge than I thought.

14881780_10154535993835535_948488041_o 6th Place: Mitchell Dillman

Deck: Bant Eldrazi

Record: 4-1

Anything you would change? Less dredge hate in my board.

14907707_10154535994170535_2123233611_o 8th Place: Braylen Berezuk

Deck: Ponza EX

Record: 3-1-1

Anything you would change? Wanted to try out Karn and Ulamog, but didn’t have enough time to test.


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