Thanks to everyone who came out to the Fusion 5k at C4 this past weekend. What a spread! We saw 8 different decks in the Top 8. Richard Bomback managed to clinch the top spot running Jeskai Ascendancy Combo.

A big congratulations to everyone who placed. You can check out some of the highlights on Fusion Gaming’s facebook page. Stay tuned for the Fusion Standard 1k lists coming tomorrow.

Richard Bomback – 1st Place

Jeskai Ascendancy Combo

Dennis Giap – 2nd Place

Eldrazi Tron

Kevin Trieu – 3rd-4th


Mohamad Qadi – 3rd-4th

U/W Control


Kevin Brown – 5th-8th

Grixis Control


Everett Langevin – 5th-8th



Matt Devlin – 5th-8th



Colton Rempel – 5th-8th



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