Here are the top decks from the Fusion Standard 1k Tournament that was held at C4 this past weekend. Mohamad Qadi came out on top, piloting Jeskai Control.

Congratulations to the winners, and hope to see you all at the next one!

Mohamad Qadi – 1st Place

Jeskai Control

Joseph Karani – 2nd Place

Esper Control

Cam Platt – 3rd-4th

Golgari Midrange

Justin Deleau – 3rd-4th

Mono Red


Patrick Simmonds – 5th-8th

Izzet Drake


Daniel Cartwright – 5th-8th

Boros Angels


Clark Harris – 5th-8th

Boros Aggro


Corey Kocuiba – 5th-8th

Esper Control



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