I’m Jonathon “Nikachu” Zaczek: merfolk master, praiser of Thassa, islands for ever, etc, you get it. You can’t get more devoted to blue than with merfolk. Whether or not you play the little blue men, hopefully you can still take something away from my videos or just have fun watching people lose to fish. There might be plenty of fish in the sea, but watch out for mine 😉


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  1. Dean

    I see you enjoy the Merfolk tribe and enjoy your content on variations of the deck. I have a Merfolk deck that I play at my lgs and it seems to stir up some buzz whenever I bring it out. I’d like to get your thoughts on my list. There’s a small scene where I live for modern so no affinity or tron hence the sideboard options.
    4-aether vial
    4-collected company
    4-spreading seas
    4- cursecatcher
    4-kumena’s speaker
    4-silvergill adept
    4-master of the pearl trident
    4-lord of atlantis
    2-merfolk trickster
    2-Kira, great glass spinner
    4-breeding pool
    4-wanderwine hub
    1-cavern of souls
    1-damping sphere
    2-grafdiggers cage
    2-merfolk trickster
    3-path to exile
    2-rest in peace
    3-wizards retort


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