In a trademark move surprising absolutely no one, Hasbro and WotC have included a Willy Wonka-esque golden ticket into the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings set slated for release in the summer. Somewhere among the millions of pieces of cardboard shipped to stores throughout the world will be a singular copy, stamped with a serial number of 001/001, of The One Ring. While nothing will ever quite match the feeling of opening that first pack as a kid, the hunger of the hunt is alive and well in the souls of greedy speculators and innocent hobbitses alike. with the release of the set still months away, the first bid on The Precious has already been made, at the scant price of 100,000 USD.

After all, why shouldn't I keep it?

It’s gonna rule them all

Set design, draft balance and impact on evergreen formats seem to melt away in the fires of Mount Doom as the only thing that matters is the hunt for that precious little treasure. Scenarios range from the lucky player hoarding their find, to a crowdsourced trip to the nearest volcano. One thing remains certainthis set will not end up languishing on the shelves.

Scoop up some nostalgia this summer: the set drops on June 23rd.

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