Here are 5 decks that I have been playing with during the Historic Artisan Event on MTG Arena. Artisan is a format that only allows common and uncommon cards. Personally, I like this format much better than Pauper. It gives so many more options for fun gameplay while still staying inexpensive. I hope you enjoy the decklists & gameplay below!


Infinite LifeDrain:

This was probably the most consistent combo deck that Standard had seen in a long time, and it is still good now that it’s in Historic. Famished Paladin equipped with Sorcerer’s Wand creates an infinite combo as long as you find a way to give Famished Paladin lifelink. This deck has 10 spells that do just that. It also has 4 tutors for the Paladin with Forerunner of the Legion and 2 ways to tutors for Sorcerer’s Wand with Deadeye Quartermaster. Overall, it is very consistent at getting all the pieces on the board. Keeping everything alive is another matter. That is where Gods Willing comes in (you could add 2 copies of Spell Pierce as well). Ultimately, this is one of my favorite decks. Infinite combos are always SO fun!!!


Mono-Green Blanchwood:

Here is one that I have been having a blast playing. Blanchwood Armor is still an insanely powerful aura. For 3 mana you can suddenly have a 7/7 Llanowar Elves! Ultimately though you want to put it on Syr Faren, Barkhide Troll or Vine Mare. Paradise Druid also is a good target with it’s semi-hexproof. Sequencing is the only issue this decks has. It could use more card draw even outside of 4 copies of Elvish Visionary. I forgot about it while building and recording the deck, but you could add Season of Growth and have good success with it.  I definitely recommend trying this one out.

Izzet Second Draw:

This is the most powerful of all the decks in this list (in my opinion). It is the most consistent due to all of its card draw. The main win conditions are going wide with Improbably Alliance or swinging in big with Crackling Drake or Faerie Vandal. I was really impressed with Witching Well in this deck. It’s a great turn 1 play that sets up your turns without feeling like you’re wasting card draw triggers. Then late game it can still draw 2 cards at instant speed, awesome! If you are looking for something more competitive, this is definitely the one.

Golgari Explore:

Here is one that I had high hopes for an it honestly didn’t pay off for me. I was hoping that having bombs like Wildgrowth Walker and Lurking Chupacabra with just a bunch of explore creatures would be enough. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. This is the decklist that I played with in the video, but I would try to find a way to make it more consistent. Will this deck win games? Yes. Did I win games with it? No. If you want to try it, I wish you good luck.

Jeskai Auras:

This last one is more of a bucket list deck for me. It has some great potential and VERY explosive plays. It does have some issues with the build though. The first issue; 12 slow lands. I don’t know how to get around this with a 3-color deck in this format. I could get rid of one color, but then it wouldn’t fulfill my bucket list dream. Champion of the Flame and All That Glitters just seemed made for each other. The same way that Mist-Cloaked Herald and Curious Obsession were made for each other.  Trying to fit them all into one deck just seems to fun not to try. I didn’t have great success with this deck, but I had some of the most INSANE plays with it. I hope you give it a shot.


These 5 decks were very fun to build and play. I appreciate you taking the time to check them out and read my thoughts on them. I hope you continue to have fun playing Magic!


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