Calix, Destiny’s Hand hasn’t gotten much love yet with this set. I was seeking to remedy that with this deck. I think I stumbled upon something rather spectacular along the way. This deck is actually really powerful! I’ve played about 10-12 games with it in Bo1 Standard on MTG Arena. I have only lost 2 games with it so far.

It’s astounding how many times this deck has push back against the clutches of defeat with the hand of destiny (see what I did there?). Anyway, I think you should try this out. If you are going to play Bo3 then some minor tweaks are needed. I hope you enjoy the decklist and gameplay below!

MTG Arena decklist
4 Conclave Tribunal (GRN) 6 3 Castle Ardenvale (ELD) 238 2 The First Iroan Games (THB) 170 4 Temple of Plenty (THB) 248 3 Nissa, Who Shakes the World (WAR) 169 3 Destiny Spinner (THB) 168 2 Dryad of the Ilysian Grove (THB) 169 3 Elspeth Conquers Death (THB) 13 1 Castle Garenbrig (ELD) 240 4 Temple Garden (GRN) 258 2 The Birth of Meletis (THB) 5 4 Setessan Champion (THB) 198 3 Heliod, Sun-Crowned (THB) 18 3 Daxos, Blessed by the Sun (THB) 9 6 Forest (ANA) 65 6 Plains (ANA) 61 3 Calix, Destiny's Hand (THB) 211 4 Banishing Light (THB) 4

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