First off, I wanted to address why I’m diving into a Commander deck here. I post a Standard or Historic deck on my channel every single day. Honestly, I’m getting a little burned out of those formats and I wanted a place to express my creativity with my other favorite format, Commander or EDH.

Here is a Korvold deck I’ve been playing with my friends for a while now (with a few lands from Zendikar Rising I haven’t quite got my hands on yet). I actually acquired every one of these cards through trading or buying sealed products. Before the pandemic hit I had a rule that I could never buy singles. I figured that was a rabbit hole I didn’t want to jump into just yet.

My goal with this deck was to avoid any infinite combos or typical win conditions and just stick with Fair Magic. That being said, this deck is a value-town powerhouse!! This deck has earned the respect of those I play with and can be played against those with more competitive focused decks. I know I’m missing some great Korvold synergies in this decklist, but I like turning the cards I happen to have in my binder into a functional deck. I am quite proud of how this one turned out.

P.S. if you have fetch lands absolutely use them, I just don’t have cards like that.




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