I’ve been running into this deck a lot lately, so I assume you have as well. I thought it was worth testing out my own version of the deck and seeing how it does. I was SO surprised by the results that I need to take another look at this deck and see exactly how everything was working so well. I know the deck has flaws, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on what changes should be made to make this deck more consistent for the meta. I hope you enjoy the deck & gameplay!

MTG Jeff: Multicolored Boros


MTG Arena Decklist
4 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
3 Relentless Raptor (RIX) 169
1 Heroic Reinforcements (M19) 217
4 Hero of Precinct One (RNA) 11
4 Clifftop Retreat (DAR) 239
1 Fresh-Faced Recruit (GRN) 216
2 Deafening Clarion (GRN) 165
4 Mountain (XLN) 275
4 Plains (XLN) 263
2 Guildmages’ Forum (GRN) 250
1 Chance for Glory (GRN) 159
2 Justice Strike (GRN) 182
2 Response // Resurgence (GRN) 229
4 Glass of the Guildpact (RNA) 233
4 Boros Guildgate (GRN) 243
2 Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice (GRN) 153
4 Boros Challenger (GRN) 156
3 Skyknight Legionnaire (GRN) 198
3 Tajic, Legion’s Edge (GRN) 204
4 Swiftblade Vindicator (GRN) 203
2 Sky Terror (XLN) 229

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