This week on Pauper Ponderings we’re diving into the ranks of big mana strategies. So far in this series we’ve tackled combo, aggro, midrange, and even control. The only macro archetype we have yet to touch is ramp! You’re probably thinking, “Oh Tron, how fun” but ladies and gentlemen. This, is Pauper Ponderings, and we’re far from normal. This Mono Red Tron deck utilises a few spicy ones to win the game rather than the normal Fangren Marauder and Ulamog’s Crusher top end.

So if you like big mana strategies but you hate to play the norm, this weeks Pauper Ponderings is for you!


Deck Tech

Round 1 vs Dimir Midrange

Round 2 vs Affinity

Round 3 vs Mono Black Zombies



Big Red by snickerkadoodle



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