It’s Christmas on Zendikar! Settle down with all of your allies as they rest up after defetating the evil Eldrazi!


Christmas Allies by Austen Hoey


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  1. alex

    Allies are fun. I think the Esper shard is a better when trying to push the Ally theme, but, big props for keeping in the Christmas spirit and going with g/r. To be fair, you could have gone u/w and called it Hanukkah Allies. 🙂 Goblin Freerunner is one of my favorite cards. I’ve gotten a ton of use out of him in RDW, Improvise, Affinity, or any other deck that can cheat out a free spell to make sure you’re only paying 2 mana for that 3/2 menace creature. I think it’s kind of a trap card here as it can be a bit awkward when you don’t have enough, or the right, mana and you miss an ally drop. Also I think Hada Freeblade on your list looks like it was a mistake.


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