This week on Pauper Ponderings, we’re trying to create our very own Viscera, the Dreadful. Yes that’s right, everyones favourite forgotten Onslaught Gorgon, she was cool before Vraska.

So how do we do this? Well we get some Rats and some Snakes, and put a Bow in their hands…er well you get them to hold the bow and they i guess coat the arrows in their venom? or whatever plague the rats are carrying and then they shoot your foes!

Easy right?

Well lets take a look at the list, shall we?


Dimir Longbow by RealityChecker27


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  1. Alex

    nice. I love deathtouch shenanigans. I had a wonky g/r deck that ran nighshade peddler and red lingers to clear the way. Another fun trick with deathtouch is using menace creatures in combination with Touch of Moonglove. Kill 2 things and still make them lose 4 life……fun stuff.


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