Well guys, my current studio is getting a major overhaul, which means I am without a spot to record. Don’t worry I’ll be back next week with an all new episode.

This week though, I’d like to go back and reminisce on one of the more famous Pauper Ponderings, Goblin Storm.

If you thought combo was dead in Pauper, think again, because we’re making a whole bunch of goblins and drawing a whole bunch of cards!

If you have seen this before, relive the magic with me, if not, well enjoy my favourite episode of Pauper Ponderings to date!


Goblin Storm



2 Responses

  1. Austen Hoey

    I think Delver could be an option out of the board. When the opponents board out removal. So you can steal like 6-9 points of damage easily. Thanks for the watch and yeah, cya next week!

  2. alex

    I remember this one. It was a fun one and similar to a standard pauper deck I played for a little bit. I think Goblin Electromancer would be beneficial in this list as he gives you really good value on your spells. I’m still not sure about Kuldotha Rebirth and the small number of artifacts in the list. Although not a goblin, Delver of Secrets can do some serious work in this deck and gives you another angle of attack with it’s ability to just naturally flip on turn 2 and then be backed up by a bunch of tokens before your opponent can get any traction. Fun stuff. See ya next week.


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