They tried to kill combo, banning Cloud of Faeries, Temporal Fissure, Grapeshot, and Empty the Warrens. But I am not the kind of guy to take that laying down. This little number by reddit user phkors is a huge SCREW YOU to the Pauper Rules committee because after playing this, I can assure you, Combo is alive and Well!

Want to make a bunch of goblins? Want to draw a bunch of cards? Want to make a bunch of mana? Well this is the deck for you!

Hope you enjoy, and have fun right along with me!

Deck Tech

Round 1 vs Jund Dredge

Round 2 vs GU Elves

Round 3 vs Mono Red Burn

Conclusion and Streaming Updates

Stream Update

I really want to start streaming on a consistent basis, but with the Holiday season approaching the time table really doesn’t afford me the time. Sunday’s is the day I will 100% be streaming starting in the new year, but as for now hang tight and I will keep you guys updated.

But don’t worry Pauper Ponderings is going nowhere, I will always be producing Fun and Interesting Pauper content for you guys every Thursday, right here, on The Mana Base!


Goblin Storm by phkors



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