This week on Pauper Ponderings it’s Green White Soldiers!



Green White Soldiers by /u/Chenjesu



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  1. alex

    The problem with CoP is that the combo is infinite and you’ll run out of mana trying to stop the damage. The core of Mirran Spy/Battered Golem, Fireweaver/Impact Tremors, Helix/Knack, and 0 cost artifact creatures is extremely consistent. Most combo decks don’t have 8 copies of each combo piece. The only difficult match up I’ve come across is soul sisters and/or decks that gain life for your creatures entering play. And those decks are not too difficult to sideboard against. Imo, infinte izzet is a deck that should be considered a serious contender.

  2. alex

    That is set list in the first round seems like it was suboptimal. Drone works but it’s not crucial to the combo. More an Spy and Batered Golem are the critical piece. I’ve tested it a ton since Reckless Fireweaver came out and it’s one of the most consistent combo decks I’ve seen when built and played correctly. I think you dodged a bullet in that first round.

    Other than that i really appreciate another rogue list. Provoke is a way underrated ability and deftblade can just neutralize your opponent’s bet guy until you find a permanent solution. Not really sure it’s worth it to be soldiers when playing g/w. I think there are better builds to highlight Travel Prep and some of the other spicy cards in there. Still tons of fun to watch.

    • Austen Hoey

      Yeah that’s fair, I was very aware I dodged a bullet round 1 lol. I agree the list probably shouldn’t be completely soldiers but was fun none the less.


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