In this bonus episode of Pauper Ponderings, Austen reviews all of the cards that got a down shift in rarity in Modern Masters 3. It’s not just the Modern players freaking out over these cards. Austen, goes a little crazy as he discusses some of these new additions to the Pauper format.



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  1. alex

    As far as reactions to the downshifts and your top 5, I think it’s pretty much spot on. I have Burning -Tree Emissary and Thunderous Wrath as 1 and 1A……….then pretty much everything else is kind of a toss up. Not really sure if much else will have near the impact as those two cards. I’m in agreement that Thunderous Wrath has potential to get banned and I’ve said as much on some other forums. So far most people seem to disagree, but, I’m a little concerned about the amount of top deck manipulation available in pauper. Being able to do 5 to the face for just 1 mana is bonkers. There is a reason why Goblin Grenade is not legal, so I suspect Thunderous Wrath will be watched closely. Izzet seems like a natural fit but, don’t rule out Gruul or even Temur lists. Green has Reclaim to just put that T-Dub right back on top at the end of your opponent’s turn so you can just cast it again…………green also has some fog effects to stall combat decks until it can just go to the face. Not really sure where the optimal list will end up, but, my gut says it’s out there and it’s just a matter of time before it pisses enough people off that it gets put on a watch list.

  2. alex

    Where do I send you my post MM3, MGA list? I’ve been working on this list for a couple years and it’s the only version of MGA I play. Burning Tree Emissary just pushed it over the top.


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