This week I’d like to thank /u/jankdeckwins for supplying me with an innovative take on the normal mono-white tokens decks that seem to show up a lot in Pauper. Using the cards Harsh Sustenance and Foul-Tongue Shriek, gives the deck a whole lot more reach. This was a joy to pilot!

Orzhov Tokens by /u/JankDeckWins

Round 1 vs UB Control

Round 2 vs UB Delver

Round 3 vs Mono Blue Delver

Conclusion and Pack Opening!

2 Responses

  1. Alex

    Love the tokens list. I’m still skeptical of FTS in tokens lists. Whenever you have a card that is optimal after you untap with greater number, the possibility of missed opportunities opens up and I don’t like holding card that could have got me 3-4 damage last turn, but, now I get 0 because I held it to try and go for lethal. Harsh Sustenance I like since you can play it in response to a sweeper. Still a nice 3-0 and fun take on an archetype that feels somewhat stale in the boros and monowhite lists that generally work around soul sisters. Another fun thing I’ve done with Gather the Townfolk is to run it with Immolating Souleater. That way I can drop my live total down if I want to get max value from GtT………….5 tokens with things like Impact Tremors or Soul Sisters can be a nice closer………..and you end up with a really big Souleater that your opponent has to deal with……….Fling anyone? Keep em coming!

    • Austen Hoey

      Yeah, i was also sceptical and it was very much best case scenario in the cases where i cast it. Harsh sustenance was fantastic. I like it better than the regular lists just based off the black spalsh and am excited to try it some more, Thanks again for watching and glad you enjoyed it


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