Hello and Welcome back to Pauper Ponderings! This week we are taking a break from playing just silly old straight good cards and trying to put some underplayed, under powered, and hard to cast cards, together to have a good ol’ time!

This deck is called Perilous Blood and it is similar to the deck “Witness Me!” that we played a few weeks ago to mixed results, this deck is from the looks of it though, a strict upgrade.

We even got infinitely more wins with Perilous Blood than Witness Me! So, have fun watching me stumble through one of the hardest decks to pilot I’ve played in a while, and maybe build it yourself to have your own giant stack wars. What is a stack war? Just wait till Round 1 to find out.


Deck Tech

Round 1 vs Green Red Affinity

Round 2 vs Red Black Tron

Round 3 vs Delver


Perilous Blood by Yarn





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  1. Alex

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Way Oh Way Oh! Oh way oh way oh way ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh way oh way oh! Oh way oh way oh way ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! LET’S GO! da da na na na


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