It’s been too long matey! I’m back and hopefully better than ever. This week I’m playing the newest deck in Legacy, Popeye Stompy.

What the Pauper version of this innovative deck loses the uncommon and rare “Masques” pirates, but makes up for it with a full play-set of Cloudshift for extra added Pirate fun.

Follow along as I brave the seven seas with Pauper Popeye Stompy!


Popeye Stompy by Austen


Deck Tech

Round 1 vs Affinity

Round 2 vs UB Delver

Round 3 vs Burn


Watch More Pauper Ponderings Here!

2 Responses

  1. Alex

    I think Memory Lapse and maybe Trmporal Springs could be good here. If you lapse their 2 drop into cutpurse on turn 3 you’re probably putting them down to 1 land. Maybe lapse in the board to bring in when you’re on the play.

    I’m not sold on the pirate theme but there could be some potential in a control or ld shell


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