Austen is back with another episode of Pauper Ponderings, this week he takes into a battle a spicy little Rakdos deck built to keep your opponents from casting any spells at all, because they won’t have any lands!


Rakdos Land Destruction by Austen Hoey

Deck Tech

Round 1 vs Dinrova Tron

Round 2 vs Delver

Round 3 vs Affinity



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4 Responses

  1. Alex

    I thought it was pretty hysterical. Sometimes all you can do it laugh it off. I think r\b LD is just too much of a stretch. LD generally can get there if it’s monogreen but beyond that it tends to be a bad strategy. One thing I have been liking is Violent Impact. It can catch a key land or artifact….or at the very worst it’s cycling.

  2. james

    dude you gotta stop complaining, it’s pathetic. Can’t even get through the first vid

    • Austen Hoey

      my bad if that’s your feeling, tbh, I was trying to stay as up beat as possible through the harrowing journey that was getting completely wrecked. After watching it again, i wanna say that i don’t think i was being overly negative, maybe I’m wrong, but sorry.

      • Edd

        You seemed fine by me Austen! Sure you complain when having a bad game, but you’re just verbalising what we would be feeling in the same situation.. besides you keep it entertaining! Keep up the good work.

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