This week on Pauper Ponderings we are going to be looking at a deck that combines some elements from previous Pauper Ponderings episodes. Keldon Marauders, Undying Evil and Unearth highlight this grindy aggro deck!

Deck Tech

RakDoSiDo by /u/drunkslono

Round 1 vs Green White Tokens

Round 2 vs UR Kiln Fiend

Round 3 vs Grixis Control





3 Responses

  1. alex

    I like to see someone else trying Undying Evil and Inner Flame Acolyte. Thats been a favorite combo of mine for some time now. I dont think its quite there as far as being competitive but i feel like there should be some changes to optimize the list. For starters, its not a good home for Kiln Fiend. Otherworldly Outburst is another sneaky good card that I hope gets some run. Having creatures that can sac themself work really well, ie Insolent Neonate, Mogg Fanatic, etc. I think that core of Undying Evil, Unearth, Inner Flame Acolyte, Otherworldly Outburst, and good value sac creatures has some potential as a solid tier 2 deck

    • Austen Hoey

      I definitely agree, the kiln fiends seemed terrible, but for the most part the deck seemed good

      • _darkside_

        I was toying around with something like this when Otherworldly Outburst was printed. Though I was playing Bloodthrone Vampire and Carrion Feeder to maximize the gain from the dying creatures.

        Here is a link to that list:

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