Hello Everyone!

This week on Pauper Ponderings we’re exploring the deep dark end of infinite combo and prison strategies all boiled into one.

Have you ever been playing Lantern Control in modern (fellow Mana Base author Chris Cardwell is a fan) and thought to yourself, instead of grinding my opponent’s library to a pulp, I’d much rather combo them with a bunch of limited all-stars?

Then I have the deck for you!

Feast your eyes on Sultai Lantern Control, have fun watching me fumble my way through a few rounds, and make sure to leave comments with what deck you want me to play next week!

Deck Tech

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


Sultai Lantern Control


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  1. William McDuff

    You’ve got Shriveling Rot instead of Shrivel in the sideboard there. 🙂


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