It’s another Top 10 this week and I’m back with a more fun Top 10. What are your most hated cards? What cards annoy you?

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  1. Alex

    I’ve always had a special hatred for Kor Skyfisher. Having played standard pauper for the brief period that it was a format online, I got so sick of this card showing up in every standard pauper deck for while it was legal. I hate it so much I built all my decks with main deck hate for it and sometimes even more in the board. He’s the reason why Deadshot Minotaur is one of my favorite pauper cards.

    I have to agree with Urza lands being 1 for sure. Online is only scratching the surface with horror or Mirada tron builds. A local store decided to start a pauper night. First night out there were 9 of 13 players with Tron variants…….and then pauper night for canceled until further notice.


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