This week on Pauper Ponderings Austen outlines his Top Reasons why he loves to play the Pauper Format!

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  1. CatParty88

    Top 3 Reasons I love it:

    3. No Planeswalker cards – playing pauper brings me back to the days of raw, unadulterated magic, where cards do one single thing and YOU are the planeswalker, you are slinging the spells.

    2. Pace and Style – similar to #3, the general pace and things that can be accomplished in a single turn brings me back to the pre-Urza Saga era where you’re playing powered down cards in a game of spellcasting with chess-like precision. Pauper creatures aren’t swiss-army knives, they hark back to the days of Craw Wurm and Shivan Dragon, each one is a single pawn. All these things work together so it feels like you’re truly dueling with your opponent.

    1. Limited Resources makes some cards shine. Alex Ullman has been talking about Swirling Sandstorm a lot. I really dig that it’s basically THE wrath of god of pauper, but requires you to build a specific style of deck in order to utilize it. The function dictates the form, and any way around it requires innovation. Right now we see RB decks using sandstorm, but what other combinations can it find a home it, and what will those decks look like? The fact that we haven’t seen them yet, but we still know they CAN exist, is what makes pauper the most exciting. It will just keep growing.

  2. alex

    Reason #11
    Because Stone Cold Steve Austen Joey said so………..and that’s the bottom line.


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