After the debacle of last weeks episode I decided to play something that I though had a little more legs. So I’ve decided to play a Gruul Value/Aggro deck centered around Horned Kavu. Recurring Elvish Visionary, Mogg War Marshal, and Keldon Marauders. Mixed with Impact Tremors create a spicy little number that has potential to possibly be a force in the meta-game.


Deck Tech

Value Turf by Who_the_hell

Round 1 vs UB Control

Round 2 vs Infect

Round 3 vs Mono White Tokens


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  1. Anonymous

    Well card advantage typically rules all card games. It’s just magnified in pauper since there are fewer cards that can just flat out win a game one their own. Personally I feel the best way to approach tokens is to incorporate Impact Tremors in some way. I don’t really think it’s crucial to your deck. It could easily be replaced with another value creature. In a token deck, Impact Tremors just does a ton of work, it’s also a key piece of my izzet infinite combo deck. Honestly, I’m rather surprised the card hasn’t made a bigger…….wait for it……IMPACT, since the Drake banning.

    • Austen Hoey

      Yeah I agree, the card is great at winning board stalls, Being a play that doesnt “do anything” certainly hurts it though

  2. alex

    I played a lot with Impact Tremors in standard pauper vs normal standard decks, up until IT rotated out. If your deck is based around it, you really should have ways to dig for it, i.e. Commune, Vessel, etc. Bouncing and replaying is somewhat less effecrive than loading you deck with as many spell/creatures that create multiple bodies. Eldrazi in particular are really good.

    • Austen Hoey

      Yeah maybe that makes more sense, the horned kavu package does create card advantage and in pauper, card advantage is king


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