Back in the saddle after the Christmas holidays and boy, do I have a spicy one for you guys! If you thought Goblin Storm was turning the volume up to 11, this week we break the freakin knob off! Vinestorm, uses card draw spells and rituals to cast a large Sprouting Vines, then with the surplus of cards in hand, casts Tolarian Winds and Inner Fire to get a large amount of mana and exchange the basic lands with spells, to then find Kaervek’s Torch and fireball our opponent for lots and lots of damage!

Crazy you say? Just wait until you see the matches!

Deck Tech

Round 1 vs Mono White Tokens

Round 2 vs Boros Aggro

Round 3 vs Grixis Midrange



Vinestorm by Caretaker-ITA




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