This little combo works with most exchange effects; it goes a bit like this: Cast Lightning Berserker with Dash, then exchange control of it with a creature controlled by an opponent. At the end of the turn, Lightning Berserker will go back into its owner’s hand (i.e. your hand) because of Dash, but you’ll still get to keep whatever creature that was exchanged for it. With Djinn of Infinite Deceits, this means you can do this exchange every turn, stealing the best creatures time and again.


Flamewright + Puca’s Mischief

Flamewright is one of the few cards you’ll find that makes tokens with Defender. These tokens are great fuel for repeated trade effects, like Puca’s Mischief. Granted, with Mischief the tokens could only be traded for permanents with a converted mana cost of zero, but you might be surprised how often that comes up. Notably, because you create the token, you are the owner of the token; this means when Zedruu goes looking for permanents you own but don’t control, those tokens can count if you’ve given them away. The best part is that those Constructs won’t be attacking you any time soon!


Willbreaker + Most of the Deck…

As fun as those combinations are, my personal favourite is Willbreaker with Descent of the Dragons; it’s important to note that Descent destroys any number of TARGET creatures, then the CONTROLLER of each of those creatures creates a 4/4 Dragon. By the time the spell resolves, Willbreaker has taken control of all of the targetted creatures; this means that YOU are the controller of the creatures when they are destroyed. Guess who gets to create the army of 4/4 Dragons? Yep, that’s right. Enjoy your air force. Sneaky, isn’t it?


Unfortunately, despite having these fun little synergies, my Zedruu deck is far from top notch. Like its finishing combo, its mana base is slow and clunky. It should probably run far more mana rocks and should have ways of searching for key cards, but at the end of the day polishing up this deck is a low priority. The deck slows the game down and is generally annoying to play against; while I will happily dig this deck out every once in a while, it’s never going to be my go-to Commander deck, since I don’t usually like frustrating everyone at the table. I will tinker with it every once in a while, but I tend to focus my efforts elsewhere.

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