Today we are very excited to present S1E10 of The Spike Feeders’ EDH gameplay series, featuring our very own Nikachu!

“We have been big fans of Nikachu, the Merfolk Master, for years, but we noticed that he never plays Commander. When we found out that he was going to be at Central Canada Comic Con, we just knew we had to get him in on the action.”

“Nikachu (Jon) is playing a deck that reflects a more traditional Merfolk strategy. There are a *ton* of Merfolk commanders, and their effects are interesting and varied, so we wanted to take this opportunity to show off our favourite Merfolk commanders in decks that are a little less conventional.”

Nikachu (Jon) : Thassa, God of the Fish


Eliot: Noyan Dar Lands Gonna Getcha


Jerry: Tishana Elfball


Jim: Sygg 8-Rack


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From the Spike Feeders:

We’ll be back soon! We will be taking a bit of a break before the start of season 2, but don’t panic! We will be right back on our weekly release schedule starting on Thursday, January 3, 2018. These gameplay episodes aren’t actually a ton of work to film, but it takes a lot of work to edit them. Taking December off will allow us to create a backlog of regular episode content, as well as branch out into other types of EDH material! We have some preliminary plans for primers, deck techs, and podcast and discussion videos.

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