If you frequent www.reddit.com/r/BudgetBrews or www.reddit.com/r/competitiveedh, you might have heard some rumblings of an EDH deckbuilding competition that ran for the week of November 29. Twenty-two deckbuilders did their best to build a Commander deck within the specified budget of $50. The community voted for their favourites and today the guys bring them to the table to give them their final test!

If you like this one, stay tuned for the $75 Budget Playoff coming soon.


Eliot: Cheap but Effective Grenzo

(deck credit to Toglerog)


Jerry: Budget Doombox Zur

(deck credit to SegridHelmsman)

Jan: Gitrog Dredge

(deck credit to MCRex)


Jim: Going Infinite with Teysa

(deck credit to FyreTheWolf)


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