From the Spike Feeders:

It’s time again for some sweet budget cEDH gameplay action! That’s right, we teamed up with the fantastic people over at /r/BudgetBrews again to do another deck building contest! This time the rules were a bit different, the budget was upped to $75 (Not including the commander) and we were absolutely blown away by the amount of submissions. We all had a blast with these decks and we know you will too!



The community voted for the best decks out of the group, and the mods handed us these four decklists:

Eliot: Thrasios / Tymna Xerox Shuffle Hulk

deck credit to McCoreman (Cameron from the Laboratory Maniacs)


Bill: Jhoira Storm

deck credit to Myersmc16 (Mitch from Commander’s Quarters)

Jan: Nath Stax

deck credit to MyNutItchesInTheRain (Toglerog)


Jim: Tasigur Banana Man Can

deck credit to SegridHelmsman


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