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Hello, I’m Austen, I was hired by the Mana Base to further my research on common cards. Better known by their scientific term, “Pauper Cards”. From Gray Merchants to Llanowar Elves I’ve spent my entire life researching these budget contraptions in an effort to better understand how they live and breath, and interact in their unique environment. My hand’s on approach should prove interesting if you believe that all card’s should be able to find a home in competitive settings. Observational videos and articles breaking down some newly advanced Pauper technology is what you will find if you care to venture into my archives. I welcome you to explore all pauper has to offer with me, here at The Mana Base.


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  1. Anderson Grandstaff

    Hello Austen,

    My name is Anderson Grandstaff, MTGO handle AndGrand, and I’ve been a viewer for the last several months. I enjoy watching your videos; you’re play is tight and I think your knowledge of the format is great. I was wondering if you would be interested in playing a deck that I’ve been tuning called Temur Soulbound. It’s a midrange deck that takes advantage of the recent rarity shift of Tandem lookout to common by pairing lookouts and Nightshade Peddlers with pingers. Although the individual power level of some of the cards is low, the deck has really strong synergies that allow it to effectively lock out slower creature decks once the peddler soulbond is established, and also has game against grindy control decks because of the card draw from lookouts. It also gets some of the best options in pauper sideboards, running all stars like pyroblast, hydroblast, and ancient grudge. You can view the list using the link below:
    Any feedback you have on the deck would be welcome; I think the mana base is suboptimal.


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