👻Pioneer UW Spirits👻

UW Spirits has every core card from Modern ported to Pioneer. Early aggression and interaction with Mausoleum Wanderer, the 2-mana lord Supreme Phantom, and the counterspell on a creature: Spell Queller. Pioneer can fill the gaps with Empyrean Eagle to give the deck the necessary eight lords to push through damage. Spirits is already finishing deep in many online Pioneer events, making this the perfect choice for a competitive Tribal player.


Pioneer Merfolk

How does Merfolk get adapted to Pioneer? Thassa and Master of Waves to push damage! Fortunately, many of Merfolk’s creatures double as Wizards so we can run Wizard’s Retort to be able to interact with control and combo decks. We don’t have islandwalk, but we can still have unblockable creatures thanks to Thassa. We can also fly over with Smuggler’s Copter and Tempest Djinn. Have a problem with red decks? Master of Waves will put their fire out immediately. Try Mono-U Merfolk in Pioneer!


🌴Simic Merfolk in Pioneer🧜‍♀️

What if you want to play an aggressive, powerful version of Merfolk in Pioneer? How can it be build? Simic has the answers! The deck has all the aggressive creatures from Ixalan like Kumena’s Speaker and Merfolk Mistbinder as a lord. clear the way for our attackers with Watertrap Weaver. Rebuild boards and add pressure at instant speed with Collected Company. Go green by playing Simic Merfolk in Pioneer.


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