Is Lurrus playable in modern Merfolk? Is the white splash? Like many other decks, Merfolk adopts Lurrus to take advantage of the 8th card in hand and to recycle Mishra’s Baubles. The benefit for Merfolk is that our strategy doesn’t change much by adding Lurrus. We still run all the usual staples and replace a lord like Merrow Reejerey for Coralhelm Commander. the benefit for adding white is more powerful graveyard hate like Rest In Peace and Hushbringer to deal with our ETB enemies like Humans. We’re also running Damping Matrix to meet the threat of Hardened Scales Affinity and Devoted Devastation. Yes, Lurrus is playable in Modern Merfolk.


Round 1 vs. Jund


Round 2 vs. Lurrus Burn


Round 3 vs. Lurrus Jund


Round 4 vs. Bant Stoneblade


Round 5 vs. Lurrus Sultai

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