Modern Merfolk has struggled to find the right bounce spell in the deck to tempo out creatures and to answer Ensnaring Bridge. Venser, Shaper’s Savant, Echoing Truth, and Hurkyl’s Recall all have their pros and cons, but none of them are all-around great. Brazen Borrower solves all of Merfolk’s problems by being able to bounce any non-land permanent from the opponent, but also coming with a 3/1 flying Faerie. Having a bounce spell attached to a creature makes it less risky to play them against attrition-based decks. Against Ensnaring Bridge decks, you need bounce spells, but you don’t want to flood on them or you won’t have enough threats to win the game. When you draw Brazen Borrower, you can play it as a bounce spell, or as a creature; you decide! Watch the effect of Brazen Borrower on Mono-Blue Merfolk!

Round 1 vs. Titan Shift

Round 2 vs. Eldrazi

Round 3 vs. Neoform

Round 4 vs. UW Control

Round 5 vs. Urza Paradox

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