Modern Merfolk in Companion-Nerfed Metagame

Sometimes you have to go back to the basics. That’s why we’re running a classic streamlined version of Modern Merfolk after the recent Companion nerf. 4x of every lord and the return of Master of Waves to beat all the Burn and Mono Red Prowess decks. Our opponents forgot what it’s like to face the Master of Waves, let’s remind them!


No Fear of Lurrus! Simic Merfolk in Companion-Nerfed Metagame!

Today we sleeve back up Simic Merfolk in Modern to race the Tron decks that are running rampant after the latest companion nerf. Simic has the speed to race the clunky decks, but our manabase deals a lot of damage to ourselves. Did the Burn and Prowess decks that used to run Lurrus disappear? I sure hope so!

Master of Waves Destroys Modern | Mono Blue Merfolk

I’m telling you, Master of Waves is back. The army in a can. The one card win condition. He hits the battlefield and all shall bow to his presence. Jund fears him. Burn fears him. Today we are going to teach Eldrazi to fear him. If there are no Plague Engineers in competitior’s 75s, there’s nothing stopping the Master.

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