Lurrus will draw you to the light side, or the dark. One particular card of relevance is Mire Triton. Mire Triton has deathtouch which makes it a roadblock to creatures of any size whether it’s Death’s Shadow, Tarmogoyf, or Reality Smasher. Upon entering the battlefield, Mire Triton gains 2 life which is going to give us an edge against all the Lurrus Burn decks running around in Modern. There is even some extra synergy, you mill yourself by two cards which can give food to your Lurrus when you cast it. Watch Dimir Lurrus Merfolk in action!


Round 1 vs. Neoform


Round 2 vs. Lurrus Burn


Round 3 vs. As Foretold


Round 4 vs. Lurrus Rock


Round 5 vs. Lurrus Delver

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