It’s time for Merfolk to jump back into Legacy! This time with huge changes: No True-Name Nemesis and no Chalice of the Void. True-Name Nemesis might be considered the best Merfolk of all time, but it is VERY vulnerable to Plague Engineer. My replacement is Merrow Reejerey, another lord to get out of range of Plague Engineer and to race combo decks. Chalice of the Void is too slow and narrow, plus it can be easily answered by Oko. The replacement is Spell Pierce. A reliable counterspell that is likely to connect with something. It’s time to dive back into Legacy with Merfolk!


Legacy Merfolk Evolved for the 2020 Metagame!

Cursecatcher has been bad in legacy for years. The combo decks have too much mana and the Delver decks are too mana efficient. Is it time for Cosi’s Trickster? A 1-drop Merfolk that progressively gets larger as the opponent fetches lands. Let’s try it out!


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